About us

Our mission is to dress people to be brave, adventurous, and unstoppable. Together, we strive to be a positive force in changing the world. 

Founded in 2021 by Moller Toma and Berjoehie Agob. WolfCat aims to become an international lifestyle brand known for its high quality fashion and providing services to empower our customers. 

Our vision for the next few years is to: 

  • Make high-quality clothing and accessories for men, women, children and couples.
  • Build and establish a relationship with our customers through the products and services we provide.
  • Create a community with specialists providing their services to empower our customers by sharing their knowledge about relationships, sports, nutrition, and the importance of a succesful mindset. 

Our core values: 

  • Integrity and Ethics: doing the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way.
  • Drive: being brave, adventurous, and unstoppable. 
  • Respect: respect each individual, their privacy, and human rights, eliminating all kinds and forms of discrimination.
  • Innovative: be dynamic and come up with innovative ideas that can contribute to a successful brand.